Jeremy Knight
theatrical projection design and videography

The San Francisco Chronicle listed the top ten operatic events of 2015. Among them were two operas I worked on.

The Ballad of Baby Doe

The video projections, by Jeremy Knight, are unique; there are no sets beyond a table and two office chairs. Yet the singers move through a virtual world: stars and seas, mountains and a treasure-filled palace.   —San Jose Mercury News

Behind the curtains you saw mountains, mines, cities and interiors of houses and hotels, depending on what was going on. It was a brilliant way to open up the small Julia Morgan Theater stage to the world of Horace Tabor and his beloved, indomitable Baby Doe.  —

L'Enfant et les Sortilèges

The most impressive, jaw-dropping examples of ingenuity were the breath-taking scenic projections created by Jeremy Knight. —Contra Costa Times

For me, the single most exciting moment of the evening came early in the Ravel, when a pair of overstuffed armchairs walked off the stage and immediately reap­peared on screen in cartoon form — with the addition of anthropomorphic eyes and ears that enabled them to sing. —San Francisco Chronicle

Best of all are the visual projections by Jeremy Knight, a stream of paintings by Gauguin and others that offer a telling visual counterpoint to what the audience is hearing.  —San Francisco Chronicle

Girl of the Golden West

The production is framed as a sepia-toned silent film (wonderful projections by Jeremy Knight).
 —Contra Costa Times

The production's most deliriously witty touch is a faux newsreel that begins with the 1906 earthquake and segues flawlessly into a pitch for contributions to the theater's upkeep from Julia Morgan herself.
 —San Francisco Chronicle

Projection Designer Jeremy Knight provided most amazing special effects. His combined live and pre-recorded imagery in the Triumphal March video was a theatrical tour-de-force of realistic and surrealistic imagery that enhanced the sense of artificially-contrived political pagentry. —The Livermore Independent

Don Giovanni

A particularly clever bit was Leporello's use of an iPhone that evoked giant onstage projections of Google maps marking the locales of Don Giovanni's thousands of seductions as an accompaniment to his famous
"Catalog" aria.  —Contra Costa Times

Jeremy Knight's projections were for the most part
not too cumbersome.  —The Opera Tattler

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